“Why What The Fruit?” is the question, that would have been in FAQ section if we had one.

As the answer reveals the core concept of our product, it deserves more deep explanation.

“What The Fruit!?” is almost exact description of my feelings when I bought delicious looking black currant fruit bar from pharmacy (!!) store and inspected its ingredients list. I discovered, that it contained only 3% of black currants, the rest was apple puree with some pectin and flavours added. Don´t get me wrong here – I love apples. But when I buy rather expensive fruit bar, I would love to have more of fruit that is presented on the package. Not dates, not raisins, the real damn thing! As I studied further, I found that almost all fruit bars on the market were similar.

I wondered if it was possible (and reasonable) to develop a snack bar out of real berries? Took us a year, but we did it! What The Fruit “smart snack” contains only real berries and quality Belgium chocolate.