I´m writing this post with contradictional feelings. There will be a conceptual change in What The Fruit bars – the product, I love so much. We will go a little bit more into niche with the product, raising quality even higher at the same time.

Shortly: we have decided to go organic with our product. We have applied for EU certificate from the Estonian Veterinary and Food Board and succeeded. That means, we update our packaging materials, marketing claims and commercial offers in few next months.

I would like to explain our choice a little bit. Nordic berries are known for being among the very top quality fruits in the world and there are a HUGE difference between Nordic berries that have been grown in forest and those that are cultivated. Forest berries, as one can imagine, are and will always be hard to harvest and the crops are unpredictible. Demand on the other hand is continuously growing.

This is why we need to treat our high quality berries with extra high responsibility. We sincerely believe that consuming less but higher quality is essential in long term economy.